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Captain Nimeeh Vixil

Name Nimeeh Vixil

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Joined Trill
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Physical Description A dark beauty, Nimeeh is short and slight, possessing the litheness and natural grace. Her hair is black, falling down to her waist with just the slightest hint of a curl towards the bottom. She usually wears it secured back in braids, mainly to keep it out of her face. Her most unusual feature is her eyes, which are a stunning shade of purple that sparkle when she smiles, which is most of the time. She possesses the usual markings of the trill species, the spots on her face and body. Despite her small size, her body is well toned and muscled, a result of her many years of dancing, which also gave her agility, litheness, grace and poise. Physically, she has a slightly heart shaped face framed by her chocolate coloured trill spots. Her eyes are slanted slightly upwards, giving her an exotic, mysterious look, especially with her small nose and bee-stung lips. While many may consider her pretty, possibly even beautiful, she doesn’t see it within herself. Nimeeh’s slight size and stature often mean she portrays an air of delicacy and fragility, however, she is more than capable of taking her of herself and her own.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Tarsus Marchia
Mother Bonnanita Marchia
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nimeeh is generally light hearted and happy, with a genuine love for life. She has a ready smile, and a warm, genuinely caring nature. She is quiet and soft spoken, very rarely known to lose her temper. She is usually a conservative kind of person, thinking things through carefully, weighing the pros and cons of everything before making a final decision.

Nimeeh usually finds it difficult to display her inner most emotions, which is why she never wears her heart on her sleeve. This is probably due to the fact that through her childhood her family never openly showed affection, preferring light words of praise to hugs. Given her upbringing, she has never had a serious relationship with anyone; instead, she has committed herself to her career and being the best doctor that she can be. She lives with very few regrets, however, the most obvious of which is the regret of making certain choices in her life, sacrificing her own happiness for her career and future. She also has moments where she regrets being joined, because she believes it means she will never have children or live what others may consider to be a normal life, however, the moments of those regrets are few and far between and she has never openly discussed them with anyone.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Calm under pressure
Works well with others
Even tempered, even under stress
Genuinely caring nature toward others

Not always willing to accept help even if needed
Can be incredibly stubborn
Hobbies & Interests Dance, music, chocolate

Personal History Nimeeh was born on 26th June 2359 in Tak'la on the Trill home world to Tarsus and Bonnanita Marchia and was raised as an only child. Having believed they could never have children, the birth of Nimeeh was an unexpected blessing. She was their gift of life and love, and they believed that nothing but the best was good enough for their precious miracle child.

From an early age she was taught music, art and dance, and became proficient in each of her pursuits. Despite being raised in a very traditional environment, even from an early age Nimeeh longed to know more about what was beyond the borders of the world she was raised in.

Her parents were almost techno-phobic, shying away from use of modern technology, including shuttlecraft, replicators and transporters. Both of her parents adamantly believed that any meal created by a replicator couldn’t be nutritious or healthy, and there was nothing but the best for their daughter.

From her early teens she spent her spare time working in her parents restaurant. Her father taught her to cook, a pursuit which she found to be enjoyable and enlightening, as she had the opportunity to learn about other cultures through their cuisine. Her specialties include Hasperat, Delovian Soufflé and Hiaki Soup, but she still shies away from any kind of cuisine that is eaten alive, raw or the majority of Klingon cuisines.

In 2375, at the age of 17 she left her family and home and entered the Trill Symbiosis Initiative with the hope of being selected for joining with a Symbiont. While the Symbiosis commission was at first reluctant to take her into training at such a young age, believing she had yet to experience what life had to offer, she was determined that that was what she wanted, and she convinced them to relent and let her train. The training was intense, both mentally and physically, and she came close to quitting, but it was her insane fear of failure that kept her going. When she was 18, she was introduced to Caleb, a human who was staying on Trill while on leave from Star Fleet. The two became close, and it was Caleb who encouraged her desire to broaden her horizons and ignited her desire to join Starfleet. While the two of them never became romantically involved, they always maintained a close friendship.

Shortly before her 20th birthday she was chosen for joining with the Vixil Symbiont. The transfer was smooth and without complication, although Nimeeh herself found it difficult to adjust to being joined. To find herself suddenly with 5 other lifetimes of memories was confusing and disorientating, but she was determined to overcome what she saw as a minor setback and enjoy the course in life that she had chosen to take. After being joined, she found herself changing in ways that she couldn’t understand and found herself on a new path of self-discovery. Her tastes had changed, things she once loved now seemed dull and lifeless, and the desire to explore the horizons became more intense. Despite the disappointment her parents showed in her decision, she enrolled in Starfleet Academy with a major in Medical.

She loved her time at the Academy, and loved the change in pace, although she found it difficult to adjust to being outside her familiar circle. Despite the initial difficulties settling in, she completed her medical degree, graduating in the top 10% of her class, and was offered a commission as a medical officer on the USS-Horizon, a Steamrunner class cruiser, under the command of Captain James Garner, that ran border patrol near the DMZ.

It was during this first posting that she decided to take a brief hiatus to complete her Zhian’tara. After meeting the previous hosts of her ‘slug’ she was a little mystified and intimidated, but of all of them, she decided that she liked Jarrah the most. She found it intriguing to meet the people who’s memories she contained within her, and felt a certain bond with each of them. She also found it interesting to discover where some of the little habits she had developed after being joined had come from.

Previous Hosts

Mykia - Female

Born in 2128, Mykia was the youngest child of 3, and the only girl. She spent her childhood growing up in Tak’la. After being joined with the Vixil Symbiont in 2151, she went on to study medicine. She became a paediatrician at Tak’la medical facility, specialising in Trill specific childhood illnesses. Mykia was a warm-hearted person, with a friendly, infectious smile, a trait that was later passed onto Nimeeh through the Symbiont. Mykia married Tezu and together they raised two children of their own before she died of old age at Tak’la medical facility in 2211.

Sarian - Male

Born in 2265 in Kartsu, Sarian was the oldest child of 4, having one brother and two sisters. During his childhood he developed a morbid fascination with insects, something that stayed with him as he grew and led to him finally studying to become an Entomologist, which is a rather unique career path for any Trill. He was a very interesting person, who found everything “fascinating”, an annoying habit that has been passed down through the Vixil Symbiont. He lived a life of solitude, choosing his insects over other humanoid companionship before he died unexpectedly in 2291 from Toxicemia, which developed from Aedes triseriatus mosquito bites while studying the “fascinating little creatures” on Earth.

Jarrah - Male

Born in 2268 in San Francisco, Earth, Jarrah was an only child raised to parents who were both officers in Starfleet. Although he had never anticipated, or intended to be joined to a Symbiont, he was joined with the Vixil Symbiont after the previous host Sarian had passed away as he was the only Trill aboard the USS Sanchez. While his joining with the Vixil Symbiont was only supposed to be a temporary measure to allow the Symbiont to survive the passage back to Trill, after being joined for less than 24 hours Jarrah decided that he didn’t want to give it back. The Symbiosis Commission decided that to separate them forcefully would cause unknown damage to both the host and the Symbiont. Jarrah was the proverbial wild child, drinking, gambling and ‘fooling around’, something that continued even after he was joined, much to the chagrin of the Symbiosis Commission. While he never married or raised a family of his own, it is believed, though never proven, that Jarrah may have sired one child of his own through his debauchery. Despite his wicked ways, Jarrah was a fun loving person with a genuine lust for life, something he handed on to Nimeeh through the Vixil Symbiont. After joining with the Vixil Symbiont, Jarrah found himself growing more curious about his Trill heritage, something he had never really been exposed to having been raised on Earth. He returned to Trill for a time to discover more about his people. While on Trill he was killed in a shuttle accident after a navigational malfunction.

Lexia - Female

Born in 2275 in S’Lanta, Lexia was the younger of two daughters. Her sister Taina drowned in a lake in her hometown at a young age. Not being able to cope with the grief of losing a child, her parents separated and she was sent to live with her Grandparents. Her Grandmother taught her to dance as an outlet for her frustrations, something she grew to love and live for. At the age of 24 she married Xatu and they had two children of their own, one son and one daughter. Despite being joined and having two children, Lexia continued to dance, making a name for herself as one of the most renowned dancers in the quadrant. Lexia was a beautiful, kind, loving person, fuelled by both a desire to succeed and a true passion for what she was doing. She was murdered on the Trill Home world in 2302 while competing in a dance competition. Her murder was never solved.

Kalzia - Male

Born in 2203, Kalzia was the youngest child of 5. He had a difficult childhood, constantly competing for the attention of his parents. He excelled at school, both academically and in sports, before finally sitting the Academy entrance exams and joining StarFleet and studying sciences. Despite his love of the stars and his passion for travel and exploration, his StarFleet career was short lived as he returned to his home world to take a desk job with the Trill Government as a scientific advisor. He stayed with the Government for his entire career, before finally retiring to a small property he owned where he spent his glory years tending to his animals and gardens. He met with Nimeeh only briefly before he passed away from old age.