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Lieutenant Commander Vic Hebron

Name Vic Hebron

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Brikarian
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5
Weight 530 lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Green
Physical Description In appearance, Hebron has chiseled features and the surface of his body are covered in facets like rough crystals. He has small all-black eyes, two vertical slits for a nose, a simple slit for a mouth, and have two small circular ear holes on either side of their proportionally small and compact heads. He has three-fingered hands featuring two fingers in a V-shape and an opposable thumb.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Vic Hebron is a stubborn, quiet and reserved individual, and owing to his people's having been invaded many times over the decades, Hebron is very suspicious, especially of newcomers. He is very respectful of authority and extremely loyal. He can also be described as diligent, thorough and often judgmental. Hebron finds himself very uncomfortable when dealing with races that he has no familiarity with. In carrying out his duty,

Vic Hebron is quite tenacious, especially where the safety of the ship and crew are involved. Personally, he is slow to warm to new people and makes friends very slowly. Those that earn his respect are persons who are honorable and who have proven their merit in the service of Starfleet. He counts among his friends his Starfleet Academy classmates, although he and the Klingon don't openly admit their mutual respect. Regarding his friends, Hebron is somewhat protective of Solalta and McKinny, as if he were their older brother. Hebron is a man of few words and his expression is usually unreadable except to those that know him well. Rather than explode when angry, Vic will seethe under his tough exterior. One can tell that he is irritated because he will grind his fingers into his palm making a rock-scraping noise. Like other Brikar, he accomplishes a nod by leaning slightly forward. Hebron is extremely strong and his preferred method of fighting is hand to hand. He doesn't like to use hand weapons if he can help it, because he feels that they can too easily malfunction or be taken away. As ship's tactical officer, Hebron knows the ship and its weapons systems better than anyone aboard.

Personal History Vic was born into the Clan Hebron on the Brikar homeworld in the year 2340. His father was a salesman in motivational programs and his mother was a politician.

Vic entered Starfleet Academy in 2357. Hebron specialized in security and had no trouble academically but he did have trouble learning to deal with certain members of other races, especially Klingons who had been sworn enemies of the Brikar for decades. He and H'Goth had a serious fight on the first day at the Academy.

The Dean of Students at the Academy, Admiral French, decided that in order for them to learn to be more tolerant, they should become roommates together. He graduated and received his commission as Ensign in 2361. Over the next several years, Vic served several tours as a security officer aboard different starships then moved up to chief of security.

After many years as Chief of Security he was given the chance to serve as Executive Officer on the USS Vigilant. But after 6 months the Vigilant was recalled and all staff was reassigned. There was not an XO spit available so he was assigned as Chief of Security on the USS Tyche. He took this demotion to reunite with a love interest.