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Lieutenant Gil Walker

Name Gil Logan Walker

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 182 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description His average build and easy smile tend to not tell much about what he does, but the fact that his uniform sleeves are always worn rolled up and he's never far from Engineering show otherwise. His hair is generally well kept, shaved close on either side but the top of his head covered in short curly hair. He also sports a mustache and goatee


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Philip Walker
Mother Annette Walker
Brother(s) Daniel Walker
Sister(s) Patricia Walker

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gil Walker, though he prefers his middle name of Logan, is generally easy to get along with - so long as you don't get in his way while he fixes things or break things in the first place. Many of his protests tend to come in the form of sarcastic remarks, but he is loyal to his friends and his shipmates, even if there has to be an exchange of flying tools.
Strengths & Weaknesses While his parents were better suited at being functionaries and diplomats, Gil does not mince his words. He has little patience for beating around the bush, which can be both a trait and a weakness, depending on who is talking to him. As an Engineer, Gil is proud to be good at his job - he learned from one of the best at the Academy about how to jury rig and keep a ship going on adhesives and positive thinking.

That all said, Gil finds he understands machines a lot better than people, making him something of an introvert. It's not that he's shy or unable to work with others, it's more than in his free time, he doesn't associate with others that much because he often struggles to keep up with others. Gil tries to be a good friend, but feels he falls short. Moreover, this is related to the fact that Gil is his own worst critic - his best is sometimes not good enough for himself.
Ambitions Gil is hoping that his career will take him to a design team posting, or at the very least, land him where he can either play with prototypes or decommission older ships. He absolutely does not want a command of his own, making it clear that if it's Up or Out - he's on his way out.
Hobbies & Interests Gil's quarters are full of model replicas he's painstakingly built over the years, lovingly recreated numerous ships and other vehicles in miniature scale form. But when it comes to physical activities, he loves hiking and cliff diving. He's slowly been trying different outdoor activities, such as trekking across Andorian tundras or braving rapids in a kayak.

Personal History Born in New Berlin, Luna in 2364 to the shuttle port deputy administrator and a customs supervisor, Gil had a stable childhood living on Luna. Unlike his siblings, though, Gil was more inquisitive to the why of how things worked, and his parents often had to deal with appliances being taken apart more than a few times. While he was passed over the first time he applied, Gil was accepted into Starfleet Academy in 2383 into the Operations Track.

Gil was a good pilot and had a strong engineering aptitude, but barely got by on the rest of his classes. One of the Operations instructors, a veteran of Starfleet of some repute, took Gil under his wing and helped him to see his potential, something he remains grateful for to this very day. While Gil's academy record was best seen as "just average", the fact remained that he still graduated in 2387.

His first posting would've been considered by many to be less than ideal, the USS Fargo was due for retirement but Gil loved working with the temperamental old ship. It showed him that ships had a personality and that he understood them better than he did his peers. However, his efforts were not noticed and he ended up posted to the USS Lemoore, a California class where his career could have gone to die. But his efforts to keep the ship going against all odds were noticed this time.

Gil was given the privilage to be assigned to the USS Ontario, a Parliament class, which Gil to this day still says he did some of his most rewarding and challenging work on. But he was reassigned to the USS Tyche after an argument with the Ontario's Executive Officer.
Service Record 2383 - Accepted, Starfleet Academy, Operations Track - Engineering
2387 - Graduated. Assigned, Engineering Team, USS Fargo
2389 - Reassigned, USS Lemoore
2391 - Reassigned, USS Ontario
2393 - Reassigned, USS Tyche