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Lieutenant Devinona Ral

Name Devinona Ral Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 140LBS
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Devinona is above human average height at 5`10" , but was well within the Betazoid norm. Her frame is slight and slender. Her shoulders square, an indication of her place among the noble houses of Betazed. She carries herself with the poise of a queen, all the while maintaining a friendly and approachable glow.
Her face beams with the unparalleled beauty of the Fifth House of Betazed. Her very slight olive skinned face, indicative of the family's locale in the Capital of Rixx. Her eyes black, and knowing. Her hair, although lighter than her family's jet black, was a dark chestnut brown. She wears her hair cut to just above the shoulders and often curls it.
When not in her standard Starfleet uniform, Devinona prefers to wear casual attire. Her civilian clothing is generally made of beautifully draped flowing material. This reminds her of the vacations of her childhood on the sea coast, with the gentle ocean breezes.


Father Sabin Kajem, Son of the Thirteenth House
Mother Lwazanda Ral, Daughter of the Fifth House
Brother(s) Reittan Ral, Son of the Fifth House
Derin Ral, Son of the Fifth House
Sister(s) Khrysara Ral, Daughter of the Fifth House
Other Family Kon Ral, Son of the Second House ( Stepfather )
The Fifth House of Betazed

Personality & Traits

General Overview Devinona has been described as passionate about her work, but maintains a calm demeanor

Unlike most Betazoids, her Psionic ability is not refined. As a form of rebellion against her mother and Betazoid norms, Devinona thoughtfully neglected her mental training. Her abilities in adulthood are more akin to those of half Betazoids.
Ambitions Devinona hopes to continue her work with Starfleet, believing that it allows her to reach and help those she wouldn’t otherwise be able to.
Hobbies & Interests Devinona loves art. She finds the process of creating art therapeutic.

She dedicates an hour each day to exercise, and rotates through a number of exercise programs from all over the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

She is fascinated by histories and traditions of other cultures.

Personal History Dev was born on Betazed, to parents Lwazanda and Sabin. She was a twin to her brother Reittan. Her upbringing was traditional for those of the Betazoid upper echelons, with the presence of an overbearing mother assisted by a small army of nannies.She spent a lot of time with her siblings and many cousins together at the family's ancestral residence on the coast of Betazed’s Opal Sea.

When she was still quite young, her parents had their marriage dissolved. Neither urged the children to ‘choose sides’ insisting that the decision was best for everyone. Though to be honest Devinona has very few childhood memories that include her father prior to the dissolution.

Following this milestone, Devinona’s twin brother, Reittan fell very ill. Their mother did everything she could to have him pull through. It was determined that he had come down with Zanthi Fever. Zanthi Fever generally attacks Betazoids entering their antiquity. The disease left Reittan's paracortex ravaged. The experience was a lot for Dev to handle, she rarely left his bedside during the months her brother was sick.

Upon his slow recovery, Devinona still stuck close to her brother. Feeling as though she would protect him should anything else happen to him. As they grew, they drifted slightly. Each finding different interests and friends.

When she was old enough, Dev applied to the University of Betazed to pursue a degree in Clinical Psychiatry and to Starfleet Academy. She was accepted to both institutions and notes choosing between the two as the most important and difficult decision she has ever made. After long discussions with her mother, Devinona chose Starfleet as it would afford her more opportunities than staying on Betazed.

The Academy was an interesting transition for Devinona, and not an easy one. She had issues initially socializing with non-Betazoid students. It was around the end of her first semester that she finally found her footing and began to open up to everything the academy could offer. She fell in love with the coursework for the counselling track and even found enjoyment in the general Starfleet classes like survival, or languages. She was also given the opportunity to take specific counselling classes pertaining to deep space and long term assignments, which was something she couldn't turn down, wanting to be as well rounded as possible.

Following her graduation from the Academy, Devinona was assigned to the USS Clark for her residency. Here she served as a Counselor, continuing to learn from her superiors.She stayed aboard the Clark for several years, until a position opened on the Versailles. She was excited to transfer. Not because she disliked the Clark in any way. She just felt it was time to grow and expand. Versailles offered him the opportunity to work alongside Diplomats as well as the counselling team.

When the Versailles went in for a scheduled refit, Devinona accepted a position at a Starfleet base on Andor, providing her the opportunity to work with members of the Andorian Guard, and learn the customs and traditions of the planet’s people.

Her performance on Andor was admired by her superior officers and Devinona found herself being put forth for a transfer to the USS Dundurn where she would serve as Chief Counsellor for 2 years. During that time she became very close to the ship’s Chief Medical Officer and the two became tennis partners. They made a point to play a few times a week. It was her friend who persuaded Dev to take the Bridge Officer’s exam, which would allow to sit as a watch Officer on the Bridge and expand her horizons as an Officer. It was a natural fit for Dev to take this next step.

Devinona was called to return to Betazed following the announcement of her father’s death. Though she wasn’t at all close with the man, she still respected him. Betazoid funerals are days long and culminates in the painting of the deceased's sarcophagus, which is watched by the living members of the family. They are painted with the person's face, and images of their achievements in life.

While Devinona was on Betazed for almost 9 days for the funeral rites. While she was away the Dundrun was given a survey mission at the Galactic core and was forced to take on a new Counsellor, leaving Devinona to be transferred to a new posting.

Upon interviewing with Starfleet Personnel, Devinona was assigned to Iota Station in the Delta Quadrant and ordered to the Nebula class USS Tyche for transport through the Graviton Catapult.
Service Record USS Clark, Junior Counsellor
USS Versailles, Counsellor
Starfleet Base-Andor, Counsellor
USS Dundurn, Chief Counsellor
Betazed, Short LOA
Iota Station, Chief Counsellor