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Lieutenant JG Marjan Qaisrani

Name Marjan Qaisrani

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24 (1 June 2370)

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 152 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Marjan is of a medium height and build, with a dark complexion and dark hair and eyes. He keeps a short beard.


Father Gorbat Qaisrani
Mother Diwa Qaisrani (nee Sulemani)
Sister(s) Tanima Qaisrani (20), Shahay Qaisrani (17), Gulchin Qaisrani (12)
Other Family Balach Sulemani (uncle on mother’s side), Sadin Sulemani (uncle on mother’s side), Panra Sulemani (aunt on mother’s side; Uncle Sadin’s spouse)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marjan is friendly, if a bit of an introvert. He would rather spend his time on a computer screen instead of socializing, but when more socially inclined friends push him, he’ll join in group fun. He uses games to keep his mind sharp and stay happy, because when he doesn’t he’ll think about how much he misses his family, especially his three little sisters. He is religious but he doesn’t follow all of the tenets of his faith seriously; he values the connection to the past and the traditions of his ancestors, and feels like he can gain strength through observing some of the practices.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Good learner
+Skilled with computers
+Skilled with maps of all kinds
+Good work ethic

-Not much experience
-Needs to be pushed to be social
-Misses his family, especially his sisters
Ambitions Between his time working on his home planet and his training in Starfleet, Marjan Qaisrani’s biggest ambition is just to be *helpful*. He understands that his experience is limited, but he wants to learn so that he can do better to help his fellow Starfleet crewmembers and Federation citizens alike.
Hobbies & Interests -Computer games (sometimes the holodeck too, but he prefers something more old school, on a 2D screen)
-Card games (alone or with friends)

Personal History Marjan Qaisrani was born on Earth, in the city of Islamabad in 2370. He was the first child of Gorbat and Diwa Qaisrani, a teacher and a humanitarian aid worker respectively. In late 2373, the family left Earth to move to the Federation colony on Ajilon Prime, which had been attacked and heavily damaged during the brief war with the Klingons and where Marjan’s mother’s two brothers lived. It was on Ajilon Prime that the Qaisrani family would add three more children, all girls: Tanima, Shahay, and Gulchin. His sisters meant the world to him his entire life, and he made every effort to be the fun and protective big brother for all of them.

From a young age, Marjan became quite adept with computer systems and programming. As a teen, he took on some part-time work with an Earth-based producer of PADD games, looking for bugs and coding patches. This was a nice entry to his CV, and at age 16 he took on similar work for the Ajilon Prime planetary defense unit, which had been suffering from cyber attacks. He was part of a team that helped prevent a suspected Orion Syndicate hack on Ajilon Prime’s infrastructure.

His other great interest was maps. Whether maps of cities, planets, systems, or quadrants, a passtime of his was examining them for interesting facts and drawing them, whether by hand or on a PADD. His best friend, a Betazoid girl named Lianida Daizo, was training to be a pilot and the two of them spent hours plotting courses across Ajilon Prime and around the system, planning for the “road trips” they would take as older teens.

His work team in the defense unit suggested that his skills be best used in starship operations. Though he enjoyed space he had not given much thought to a career there. Nevertheless he submitted an application and passed, beginning his first year in September 2388. His first days away from home were difficult, and he spent every bit of personal leave he could accrue back on Ajilon with his family. He specialized in Operations, and managed to complete a double major in navigation and computer programming, finishing in the middle of his classes generally. His first assignment was USS Tyche, where as an Ensign he served as a general Operations Officer, until the tragedy that befell the Tyche forced him to step up….
Service Record 2388-2392: Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2392-2394: Operations Officer, USS Tyche (Ensign)