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Lieutenant Kaira Chandraskata

Name Kaira Nira Chandraskata

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 119 lbs
Hair Color Long Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kaira is a slim woman who always seems to have more energy than can fit in her body. She wears her hair unbound so that it drapes across her shoulders, sometimes putting it into a braid only when she's about to engage in a sport. She has no distinguishing marks or tattoos


Spouse Dravid Chakrabharti (Fiancee)
Children None
Father Viraj Chandaskata
Mother Chetana Chandaskata
Brother(s) Bhaavik (32, Lieutenant, USS Hastings, Helm)
Imaran (29, Lieutenant, USS Vanguard, Security)
Ranveer (18, Starfleet Academy First Year, Engineering)
Sister(s) Angayarkanni (34, Civilian Physician, married)
Saanvi (26, Lieutenant (jg), USS Nevis, Medical)
Divya (22, Ensign, Starbase 11, Operations)
Other Family 5 Aunts, 8 Uncles

Notable Uncle: Captain Ishir Chandraskata, CO USS Yellowjacket

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kaira is a soft-spoken young woman who has a love for life of all kinds, quickly making friends with most people she meets. Her cheerful attitude tends to bring a smile to other peoples' faces and brighten their days.
Strengths & Weaknesses Intense knowledge of plants and animals
Understands animal behavoral patterns

Is vulnerable to emotional issues
Ambitions To be out on the frontier, discovering new plant and animal life on previously undiscovered worlds
Hobbies & Interests Growing an herb garden
Playing card games
Finding and gentling animals (doesn't always work)

Personal History Kaira Nira, which meant Unique Light, was born first with a twin brother Bhaavik to a family in the rural Indian town of Malana, The extended Chandraskata family made up much of the township, despite also being prolific in their desire to serve and protect the Federation by joining Starfleet. Technically the second-born to the family, Kaira was quickly joined over the next few years by additional siblings and grew up as a member of a farming family that had many cousins to play with as she grew up. She was constantly remarked as the most beautiful of the children with the nickname of 'Rani', meaning Princess. As she grew up, her mother constantly reassured her that she would make an excellent doctor some day, that being the only thing Chetona wanted her daughters to be.

By the age of thirteen, it was the last thing on Kaira's mind to be a doctor, constantly wandering in the fields and forests, loving nature to a degree that she didn't have words to express, even befriending wild monkeys and birds, only being dissuaded from trying to find leopards by constant warnings and occasional punishment from her parents. Even at that age, she knew that she wanted to live a life around.... Life. She'd been involved in the equivalent of the Girl Scouts and rapidly outgrew that organization even as she learned everything she could about how to identify plants and animals.

One of the first times she disappointed her mother was when she took the aptitude test for Starfleet Academy and succeeded, but rather than choosing the medical field like her mother wanted, and that her older sister had chosen in civilian life, but instead chose the science field just as she'd desired. While she gained a fair amount of knowledge about many areas, Kaira stayed with her love of plants and animals, Botany and Zoology, learning more than she'd ever thought she'd learn about the properties of terrestrial and non-Earth based plants. The Academy was also where she met an Engineering Cadet named Dravid Chakrabharti, but they were assigned to different ships upon their graduation.

Straight out as an Ensign, Kaira was placed on the Cheyenne-class USS Ahwanee as a junior Science Officer, there to learn from her superiors as well as to round out her education even more. She single-handedly took the ship's arboretum from a pallid collection of poor-growing plants to a vibrant garden that became the go-to place for many of the ship's crew to go to relax. In 2386, she attained the rank of Junior-grade Lieutenant and really became well versed in astrography and the properties of the various nebulae and stars as well as more on planets. She completed her initial five year commission and was assigned to Starbase 65 in the heart of the Federation as her Assistant Chief Science Officer. Also assigned to the Starbase was Dravid Chakrabharti, and the two soon became involved with each other and started going out on dates.

On Starbase 65, Kaira was constantly assigned to various missions to planets in the general area, responding to natural disasters, research, basically anything scientific that was required. In the middle of 2392, she was given orders to transfer to the USS Tyche, a Nebula-class starship, but was able to secure a transfer for Dravid to go along with her and was even promoted to Lieutenant as she arrived, which she then found out was because the Chief Science Officer had plans to retire within a few months and wanted to hand-pick his replacement. Dravid proposed to her in the 'summer' of 2393, with their plans to take leave on Earth in late 2394, but those plans were canceled when the Tyche was ordered out to the Delta Quadrant.
Service Record 2380-2384- Starfleet Academy
2384-2389- USS Ahwanee, Science Officer
2389-2392- Starbase 65, Assistant Chief Science Officer
2392-Present (2394)- USS Tyche, Assistant Chief Science Officer-Chief Science Officer