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Commander Nikolas Barakos

Name Nikolas Barakos

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Thracian
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 188 cm (6'2")
Weight 75 kg (165.3 lbs)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel


Mother Eleni Barakos
Avra Barakos
Brother(s) {{Character Birth Order}}
Mihail Barakos
Gavriil Barakos

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
  • compassionate (feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others)
  • decisive (having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively)
  • hard-working (tending to work with energy and commitment; diligent)
  • intelligent (having or showing knowledge, especially at a high level)
  • gentle (mild in temperament or behavior; kind or tender)
  • determined (having a strong feeling they are going to do something and will not allow anyone to stop them)

    Growing Edges
  • passion and determination around certain things (e.g. equality, rights of indigenous persons) taken for overzealousness
  • fiercely loyal to his friends, but struggles at times to deal with those occassions when he's been burnt before
  • feels a certain need to prove himself at every turn (a result of coming from the minority heritage back home)
  • Ambitions Core Values
  • achievement (sense of accomplishment by means of skill, practice, perseverance, or exertion)
  • creativity (being imaginative, innovative, coming up with ideas)
  • help others (being involved in helping people in a direct way, individually or in a group)
  • responsibility (being accountable for results)
  • adventure (work which frequently involves risk or travel)

  • to be someone others can trust and rely on, especially when times are tough
  • to overcome the hurdles of growing up a minority and prove himself
  • to honor his family (i.e. his parents and siblings) in all that he does
  • to ensure the well-being of his crew and those stranded in the crash of the Tyche

  • to earn a command, preferably of an explorer or diplomatic vessel
  • to see to the survival of every individual that under his responsibility
  • Hobbies & Interests Hobbies & Interests
  • outdoor activities (hiking, camping, stargazing)
  • water activities (swimming, sailing)
  • reading (history, adventure, biographies)
  • traveling (seeing new places, learning about them)
  • spending time on the holodeck
  • listening to music

    Languages: Thracian, Greek, Federation Standard, Klingon

  • Service Record CDT | Navigation & Flight Operations | Starfleet Academy, Alpha Centauri (2376-2380)
    XXX | Cadet Field Experience | {{Location TBD}} (2377)
    XXX | Cadet Field Experience | USS Charleston (Excelsior-class) (2378-2379)
    XXX | Cadet Field Experience | USS Jah'tor (Nebula-class) (2379-2380)

    ENS | Chief Flight Ops Officer | USS Rochambeau (Intrepid-class) (2380-2382)
    LTJG | Chief Flight Ops Officer | USS Rochambeau (Intrepid-class) (2382-2383)
    LTJG | Chief Flight Ops Officer | USS Elara (Luna-class) (2383-2384)
    LT | Chief Flight Ops Officer | USS Elara (Luna-class) (2384-2386)
    LT | Chief Flight Ops Officer | USS Magellan (Galaxy-class) (2386-2389)
    LCDR | Chief Flight Ops Officer | USS Magellan (Galaxy-class) (2389-2391)
    LCDR | Chief Flight Ops Officer & Second Officer | USS Tyche (Nebula-class) (2391-2394)
    CMDR | Executive Officer | Tyche colony ({{Location TBD}}) (2394-present)