Destiny awaits

Posted on Mon Feb 28th, 2022 @ 6:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Vic Hebron

Mission: USS Tyche
Location: Starbase 11- Security Hub

Man the last few weeks had been a circus. First he had wrapped up his first mission as the Executive Officer on the USS Vigilant. He had a hard time starting out since he had transferred away from her. After settling in and getting the first real mission knocked out he had grown very close to the crew and was missing her less but she never left his mind. And now his world was being twisted once again. A major concern had come about after the mission and the Vigilant was recalled to space dock to go through an extensive recall. Vic and many of the crew thought that they would get some shore leave but instead the powers that be decided that it was going to take so long to fix the ship that they started to reassign the crew.

That is what brought Vic to the Starbase 11. As they had started to reassign people they were having a hard time finding a XO position for him. They were either all filled or promised to people. This really had Vic missing some normalcy in his life. He had reached out to an old friend that had some pull and he was hoping they could find him a new assignment.

Vic walked in the Security Hub for the base and made his way to the Admiral's Office and meet with the Yeoman. After getting it cleared he made his way inside. He found the aging Admiral just standing up from behind his desk. Vic made his way across the large room and offered his large hand and greeted him. "Mr. Hebron I hope your trip was uneventful."

Vic took a seat on the couch as he was to large for the regular chair. "Its the only thing that has been uneventful lately."

Admiral gave a grin. "Yes, I suppose it has been a rough time for you. I won't waste either of your time. I am glad you came to me its been rough to fit you in a new spot but I think I found somewhere you maybe interested in." He paused to see Vic's response which was still flat and neutral. "So when it comes to Executive Officer that is not in the cards right now. This is not a demotion, you are keeping rank and your name is on the list of future XOs." Vic's look remained stone cold and not showing any emotion. "I have a Nebula class that is headed for the Delta Quadrant on a supply run and they are in need of a solid Security Chief. And your as solid as they come and I think you will find it easy to get with this crew."

Vic thought about the offered post and it didn't sound terrible. "When do they leave?"

"The USS Tyche leaves in the next 48 hours you got here just in time." He paused again. Admiral James and Vic where very close and he was someone Vic confided in. This next bit of news could go a couple different ways. "So, as I said you said you will have an ease with this crew and that is because you have served with the Tyche's XO." He paused as he saw the quizative look come over his brow. "Its Nim. She is the ships XO, Vic. This is the nudge to get you back to her. You have been miserable since your reassignment."

Vic couldn't believe his ears. His heart rate was defiantly elevated and he had so much running thought his head. He regained his wits. "Thank you for your help Jesse. I appreciate it more then you know. I hate to run but I don't have much time to get everything in order and get to the ship. Not gonna let her go to the DQ without me." He said as a grin came to his face. He shock the Admirals hand and sped out of the office as quick as the big lug could. He had so much to do.