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Another Assignment

Posted on Tue Mar 29th, 2022 @ 8:39pm by Captain Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant Cyrus Halsey

Mission: USS Tyche
Timeline: 2394 Pre-Launch

CJ arrived aboard the Tyche, carrying his duffle bag, he traveled light most of the time. His bag only carried the essentials, Uniforms, specialized tools for repairing weapons, a paper copy of the Art of War, box of cigars, and of course a bottle of moonshine. The family recipe was passed down from father to son since the Halsey family moved to Texas many generations ago. Using his PADD he found his assigned quarters and began unpacking, "Computer, this is Lieutenant Halsey, Tactical Officer checking aboard, Please notify the CO, XO, Medical, and Counselor; then setup the necessary appointments." While he waited for the necessary appointment notifications, Halsey continued unpacking.

Nim received the notification as she was walking from Engineering back in the direction of her office. Having just seen CJ's transfer request a few hours ago she was already familiar with where his quarters were and made the decision to pay him a visit. Given that every time she entered her office there seemed to be another stack of PaDD's that required her most expedited attention, the delay was something she was silently grateful for. The sheer volume of paperwork required for this supply run to be completed seemed to be phenomenal.

Standing in front of his door, the Xo smoothed her uniform and reached out, hitting the chime, her right hand rubbing at the scar on her left wrist absently as she waited for a response.

"It's open" CJ said as he placed a couple of books on a small shelf, held up by a bottle with the Halsey family crest labeled Moonshine on one side, and an ornately carved cigar box on the other side. He was almost finished unpacking when he was interrupted by, "oh shit the XO" he said not realizing he spoke out loud.

"Last time I checked, yes, I am indeed the XO," Nim replied with a small smile. "Welcome to the Tyche Lieutenant Halsey. I trust you've not had any issues getting aboard and settling in?"

"Uhh no ma'am, I'm good to go here, nearly all settled in. I was just setting up the last of my books, I know it's a bit old fashioned but I enjoy collecting them," CJ said easily.

"A room without books is like a body without a soul," Nim replied with a smile. "Reading is a good passtime to have. My father used to tell me that a person who reads lives a thousand lives before they die."

"I have heard that also," CJ replied before changing the subject. "As your Tactical Officer, what are your expectations from me? I've been a drill instructor for a while teaching ground tactics and survival to new cadets to prepare them for away missions. I just want to be clear from the outset what you expect of me."

"I'll be honest, that's a decision the Captain will likely have to make. I can speak to her and see if she has any specific requests for you. She will probably want some simple drills run while we're transiting through the catapult, but other than that, this is just a standard supply run. Not much for any of us to do. We don't really expect anything out of the ordinary to happen," Niamh said with a smile. "We haven't encountered any issues previously."

"I understand, but the way you drill is how you react in an emergency. If you prepare for the worst and hope for the best, you don't end up disappointed either way. I'd rather drill twice a week and not need it; than to have an emergency on a milk run with crew who don't know how to react," CJ said beginning to think of how he would begin training his team.

"You'll get no objections from me. Just let me know what you want and when and I'll make it happen," Nim replied. "I'd rather be prepared for the worst and not need it than find outselves coming up lacking in a crisis."

"Excellent, ma'am. Once we get underway I will get a schedule to you and we can begin some training of the senior staff first." CJ replied. "I think that since this is a milk run, it would be a good time to use the holodeck for training."

"I will check scheduling on the holodecks once I get back to my desk, but I can clear one of the holodecks for you and reserve it for training," Nim offered. "I'll let you know details once it's completed. Anything else you want or need from me?"

"Not really ma'am, unless you happen to know where one could find a poker game and a could beer, before we get underway," he said with a mishevious grin.

"Forward lounge, twenty hundred hours, tell Amelia that Nim sent you," the Trill replied with an easy smile. "I warn you though, she plays a mean hand. I've never seen her lose a game."

"Thabk you ma'am," CJ replied before asking, "She isn't Betazoid is she?"

"Nim laughed and shook her head. "No, not Betazoid, but she may as well be. She has a way of picking up tells that you don't even know you have."

"I do like a good challenge, thank you ma'am. I'll be on my way if you have nothing further," he said as he happily thought a good poker game.

The Executive Officer gave a nod and a smile. "Of course Lieutnant, if you need anything else, you know where to find me. Wihtout waiting for a response, Nim turned on her heel and walked out of his quarters, ticking off another task from her mental checklist.


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