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A Few Last Minute Details

Posted on Thu Mar 17th, 2022 @ 4:27am by Captain Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant Kaira Chandraskata

Mission: USS Tyche
Location: Mess Hall

Kaira had determination on her face as she tried to emulate a snow leopard and walking quietly. It was somewhat of a game she played with the XO here and there, to come upon her unawares, but it tended to fail miserably. She brushed back a piece of her black hair, the dangling bit of her delicate ‘lace’ headpiece made of silver being tucked behind her ear as she thought she might just make it to her friend without notice, PADD ready to slide in front of the Trill without notice.

"Even when you're trying to be quiet you still clomp like a camel," Nim teased, not turning around as her friend crept up behind her. Finally, finished at the wall terminal she had accessed, Nim turned, leaned back against the wall and offered a weary smile to Kaira. "If that's a request for supplies, I'm going to space you out the nearest airlock myself."

Blushing, Kaira gave up her attempt to sneak up on Nim and hesitated before handing the PADD over to Her, “I submitted my supplies to Marjon, figured he could take the risk with the bigger list he’s got to be putting together, but I wanted to get you to sign off on me using the main sensor suite for a nice detailed scan of the nebula we’ve got on our planned routing? We wouldn’t have to slow for long and I’d rather bug you than the Captain about it.” She grinned widely, “She can get a bit irritated at times.”

"It's okay, I had to come and see you anyway. Have you seen the lab request I sent through to you this morning?" Nim asked as she started walking, Kaira falling into step next to her. "I need a lab modified and it needs to be done ASAP. The standards are going to be pretty exacting.."

“Not a problem.” Kaira waved that away, “Lab Four is being held as a backup in case we needed it, so I’ll convert that one for your little.. Project. No one in but you and me without your say-so, or the Captain of course.” Kaira rolled her eyes, “It’s going to take me a couple days to do it, but I’ll handle the conversion personally to make sure it’s done right the first time, maybe even drag Dravid in for some of the heavier lifting.”

"It's not my project," Nim replied with a laugh. "We've been asked to transport some germplasms among other things. The germplasms are apparently supposed to be frozen in cryostasis units until they're ready to be used? I sent all the details through to you earlier. We just need to make sure the germplasms are secure so there's no chance anyone can tamper with them. Apparently no one wants sour grapes or some such nonsense. I don't know, I resent the implication that they think someone onboard this ship may tamper with them, but I can't argue with brass."

“I didn’t read the inventory manifest.” Kaira admitted ashamedly, but shook her head, “Just the schematics, so I guess I deserved that one, Nim, but I can definitely secure them. And instead of Four, I’ll put it in Two, Faslane can just move his apparatus to Four, better I can keep an eye on this one myself… Maybe even look at them to see what’s going to be grown? Curiosity only, of course.”

"There's a full list of everything in the information I sent through to you. It was interesting, but nothing overly groundbreaking. I was impressed to see the extent of variety though." She shrugged slightly as she hit the call button for the turbolift. "We should have everything on board this afternoon, so far it looks like this might be our smoothest run yet. We're not having any issues with supplies for a change."

"That's a relief..." Kaira mused, "And yet you say that an airlock was in my future if I'd been asking for more of them?" A teasing light filled her eyes, then she gestured back to the PADD that she'd handed Nim, "But since you're in such a good mood, perhaps you can sign off on that? I can even set it up for automatic scanning and caching so the data can be reviewed later, Though, I'll admit I'd stay up just to get a good look at the nebula."

"I figured you probably would," Niamh said with a nod. "If you get a request to me by end of day I'll get it approved for you," the Trill offered. "Just get it to me ASAP so I can make sure we have time to get anything we need from the Starbase before we depart."

Kaira reached over and tapped the PADD with a bright smile, "Already on there, I was thinking ahead... For once." She giggled, brushing another strand of hair behind her ear, "As I said, I got my final supplies request through to Operations, but it wasn't for anything significant. I've already got a few of my botanical experiments going and none of my subordinates have been complaining about a lack of things to do."

"If we happen to get a little free time after we've dropped off our supplies I'm hoping I can convince the Captain to let us indulge in a few days on Tabula Rasa. There is a naturopath there who does amazing things wtih herbs and botanicals, I'd love to trade some starters," Nim sighed, suddenly finding herself wistfully remembering shifts in sickbay, when she was able to use her skills and knowledge to heal people, treat injuries and feel like she accomplished something instead of drowning in a sea of paperwork that came with the position of Executive Officer. "Call it a hobby," she finally added with a laugh.

Nim thumbed the PaDD, approving the request for Kaira. "Now, is there anything else you need from me before I go back to my office?"

"Nope!" Kaira smiled brightly, "But if you're going to that naturapath, I'm going with you." The scientist nudged Nim with an elbow, "Your hobby is my profession, at least when it comes to things that grow."

Nim laughed. "I'll let you know."

"Thanks Nim, you're the best!" Kaira laughed, "Be safe now, no draining your brain with an overload on paperwork! I'll get you a chai tea with ginseng if you find yourself suffering." She knew that Nim didn't like the chai tea, but it was always fun to tease her.

"Chochola with whipped cream and I'll be your friend 'til the end," Nim grinned. "Now get out of here before I report you to the Captain for skirking your duties." She laughed and turned on her heel, starting to walk away before she called back over her shoulder. "Tonight, forward lounge, our usual table. Meet you at 8."


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