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Posted on Tue Mar 29th, 2022 @ 9:48pm by Captain Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant Commander Carson Fleming III

Mission: USS Tyche

With a lot of the crew still enjoying their last moments of freedom on the Starbase, Nim found sickbay to be largely empty, probably just the way Commander Fleming liked it. With a nod to the duty nurse, the First Officer made her way across to the office of the Chief Medical Officer, knocking on the door as she opened it and offering him a warm smile. "And how's my favourite Chief Medical Officer today?" she asked brightly.

Carson startled slightly, not that he would admit to it. Enough that if the cup of tea hadn't been resting on the desk he was sitting at, he might of spilled it. His eyes were on the computer, but an observer could tell that they weren't focused there. "What can I owe this intrusion too?" He replied back after getting his bearings again.

Nim grinned easily. "Awwww, shucks," she retorted. "I know you miss me when I'm not around but you don't have to make such a scene about it. You'd be lost without these regular visits from me." She slid a box she had been carrying onto the desk in front of him. "I noticed you hadn't taken any time on the Starbase so I picked up a little something for you."

Carson looked at her, realizing who it was and sighed. “Why would I go on the Starbase?” He responded dryly. He looked at the box for a moment, disliking the act of kindness being done for him. He hesitated another moment before sliding the box closer to him. “What is it?” He finally asked.

"Why don't you try opening it and see?" Nim retorted. "That is kind of how this concept works. You know, most people enjoy being on the receiving end of gifts."

Carson snorted slightly at the response, not having a witty statement. He turned the box again so it would open more naturally using his right hand. He opened the lid to reveal a bottle of whiskey. Leaning forward to see into the box more easily as he leaned the box up, he read the label. “Ah,” he remarked, putting the box down and pulling the bottle out. “Well, uh,” He said looking up at her, “Thank you,”

"I saw it on the station, I thought you'd enjoy it, you know, while you're in your quarters after a duty shift, grumping about everything," She grinned somewhat affectionately. "So, how's medical faring in the lead up to departure? Any concerns I should be aware of? Supply requests? Crew transfers? Has Nurse Dianne driven you crazy yet? Ready to yeet her out an airlock?"

“Crew and supply transfers were finished this morning,” Carson reported, ignoring the first half of her statement. “The new staff are quickly learning proper order of a Sickbay,” He added. Sure the new staff would be warned of the cranky CMO, however they would also learn quick that if they did their job and stayed out of his way, they would be blessed with a boss that would always have their back. “Nurse Dianne has spoken to me once, and only once. I believe she has learned her error and will bring future problems through the proper hierarchy.”

Nim supressed a slight giggle. One of the things that had repeatedly appeared on Nurse Diane's records were that she was largely opinionated and tended to behave as if sicbay was her own personal domain, which was largely why she had been shunted from position to position before now ending up on Tyche. "I'm glad to hear you've sorted out a potential problem child," she said with a smile. "I'll be sure to keep a look out for the complaint I'm sure she'll submit regarding your... uh... chat?"

Carson huffed, almost amusingly. "Add it to the rest of my complaints. All those 'effing idiots think their fancy little reports will make one iota of difference," He stated whilst making a mocking face. "There are no potential problem children in my department Ms. Vixil. Only hard workers and people leaving. You'd think you'd only find hard workers, but not anymore. Not some of these new, well calling them officers would be demeaning to those who actually work for a living."

Nim surpriessed a smirk. She was more than used to his thoughts on these 'good for nothing lazy officers'. Instead of responding immediately, she offered an indulgent smile. "You're right, not everyone is as hard working and dedicated to their positions as you are Commander," she replied calmly. "I'm sure you'll teach these junior officers the value of hard work and commitment."

“You’re sarcasm is unappreciated,” he replied dryly, leaning back into his chair. “They will either learn or they won’t, it’s their choice.”

Standing up, Nim smiled at the Chief Medical Officer, "I'm sure you'll have them all towing the line in no time at all Commander. Now, as much as I am enjoying this scintilating conversation with you, is there anything you need from me before I go? Did all your supplies arrive? Any last minute requisitions needed? Now's your chance."

Carson shook his head, "No. Requisitions and staff are complete. Sickbay will be ready for departure. You'll have my reports by end of day."

The Executive Officer nodded slightly. "Thank you Commander," she said before starting for the door, pausing just long enough to look back at him and grin. "You know, you should try not to smile so much, people might start thinking you're soft."

Carson eyes narrowed slightly, obviously unamused by the statement. "Do you have a useful reason to be in my office anymore, or are you just here to be an annoyance now?" He grumbled more under his breath, his best attempt at 'behaving.' "Otherwise I have actual work to do." He looked down at his desk to see the bottle of whiskey still on his desk. He pulled it closer while opening a drawer to stash it away. "And," He added, softer, "Thanks for the bottle."

Nim laughed, offering a wave over her shoulder as she walked out the door. "I look forward to next time," she called back. "Don't worry, I'll be back."

"'Effing great," Carson mumbled to himself after she walked out of the door. "No wonder nothing gets done in Starfleet." He griped quietly to himself as he turned back to his work.


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