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A Coffee and New Quarters

Posted on Sat Jul 16th, 2022 @ 11:01pm by Lieutenant Devinona Ral Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed & Captain Nimeeh Vixil

Mission: USS Tyche
Location: XO's office
Timeline: Pre-launch

Devinona was not one to complain, particularly when it came to accommodations. But so far, she was finding Tyche unbearable. As she strode confidently through the ship's corridors, she went over what she wanted to say so she wouldn't come across as ungrateful. "I can't even hear myself think over the hum of the engines. And while I know I'm only aboard for a short time, I would really appreciate changing cabins." She spoke under her breath as she rounded the last corner of her route to the XO's office. "Here goes nothing." She said, pressing the chime without hesitation.

Nim was reviewing the last minute transfers, making sure everything was ready. Ensign Qaisrani had done a truly impressive job of making sure everything was set up and ready for them to go, all that was left now was for their departure time to arrive. They were scheduled to catapult at zero nine hundred and would have to be in location at least several hours before that. Thankfully the trip between Starbase 11 and the Catapult was rather short.

The chime of the office door startled her away from the PaDD she was reading. "Enter!" she called, smiling with the realisation she was actually grateful for the interruption.

Devinona entered, and smiled warmly. "I hope I'm not interrupting Commander." She moved to stand in front of the desk. "but I'm afraid it's rather urgent."

"OF course, take a seat!" Nim offered the empty chair across from her. "Can I get you anything?"

"A coffee, and new quarters if it isn't too much trouble." The Betazoid tried to smile, but was pretty upset at herself for blurting it out in this way. She took the offered seat and tried to look anywhere but at the Commander.

Nim was half toward the replicator when Dev blurted out her request, Her footsteps faltered for a moment then she laughed, with a shake of her head, ordering drinks from the replicator and returning to her desk. She handed the coffee across to Dev and sank back down into her seat, holding her mug up and inhaling deeply before sighing with contentment. "Coffee is easy enough, enjoy! Now, talk to me about your quarters, what's the problem?"

"I know the personnel that Tyche is transporting are all quartered in the same section, but my cabin seems to share a wall with some engine component and well...the hum is becoming unbearable. I cannot hear myself think, let alone sleep or get any work done." Devinona spoke as if her explanation were word vomit she couldn't have stopped.

Nim laughed softly. "Of course," she said warmly. "Sleep is important, I'd neve expect anyone to suffer a poor nights sleep because of a simple quarters assignment. We have the space, I'll have operations assign new quarters to you and help you move your belongings if you like?"

Dev visibly relaxed. "I would really appreciate that ma'am." She smiled. "It means a lot that you're so understanding. I know I'm only aboard for a short time, but I was planning to take the time to relax and get some work related reading done." She sipped her coffee and exhaled audibly.

"You might only be onboard for a short time, but there's no reason to deprive you of sleep while you're here," Nim said warmly. "Besides, if I am being honest, I've requested quarters changes more than once for various reasons. Comfort is always important, I'd not dream of sacrificing comfort because it might involve a little work."

Smiling, Dev was happy with how the conversation had gone so far. "I'm so happy you understand. I was worried it would be an imposition, and the last thing I want to do is impose on the crew...or on you and your time." Part of Dev felt she was rambling.

"Honestly, it's not an imposition of any kind. Sleep is important, no one can function without sleep, well, except maybe the Denobulans." She shook her head slightly. "We have a few sets of VIP quarters still available, I can slip you into one of those. It should keep you well away from anything that's noise making and disturb your rest and give you great views as well. How does that sound?"

"Sounds like it will be a very restful journey after all." Devinona smiled and sipped her coffee again. "Shouldn't get too comfortable though, or you'll have to drag me off the ship by my hair." He giggled slightly.

Nim laughed and shook her head. "Engineering have assured me that our transporters are fully operational," she retorted with a grin. "I'll even be nice and give you five minutes to make sure you're fully dressed."

Dev smiled. “I’d be truly appreciative of the warning.” She took a final sip from her coffee and set her cup aside. “I appreciate your help in this ma’am. I shouldn’t take up any more of your time. I’m sure your busy.”

"I do have things I need to get done, but I always have time for a chat with a friend," Nim reiterated. "I'll send your quarters change straight to operations now, if you go see them now they'll get it facilitated for you. If the new quarters aren't any good please come see me tomorrow and we'll try again," she added with a smile.

Standing up, Dev nodded. "Thank you again, It means a lot."She offered another smile before turning to depart the office.


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