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Leaving Betazed

Posted on Mon Feb 28th, 2022 @ 8:34pm by Lieutenant Devinona Ral Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed

Mission: USS Tyche
Location: Various.

The Ral Residence. Rixx, Betazed

Devinona scurried about the Atrium of her family home, saying her goodbyes once again. It felt as though it was only yesterday she arrived home for her father’s funeral. It was a solemn occasion but it afforded Devinona time with her family.

The Betazoid woman had found herself quite at ease in Starfleet over the years, but still found a certain comfort in being on Betazed.

Despite planning to return to her life on the USS Dundurn, her plans were forced to change when the ship was assigned to a deep space survey and she wasn’t able to join them. She held onto hope that she might being to meet them at the galactic core, but that hope was dashed when her personal contents were delivered to her on Betazed ahead of the Dundurn’s departure.

After a brief interview with Starfleet Personnel, Dev was offered a post at Iota Station in the Delta Quadrant. She accepted, eager for a return to service. Now, she made her way down the line of her friends and family, giving hugs and shaking hands. Once she reached the end she met her mother face to face.

"Mother." Devinona said , with a slight bow at the neck. Her mother was very traditional and insisted upon following antiquated protocols that were once common among the Betazoid upper class.

Lwazanda Ral smiled a large smile at her eldest daughter. “My darling Devinona, “ Holding her shoulders , she kissed her daughter on the forehead. “Are you sure you want to leave so soon?”

Devinona nodded to her mother.. "It’s my honour to serve in Starfleet mother. I’m happy I could come home , even for something as sad as this, before taking a posting so far away.”

“And you’re sure you really want to go to the Delta Quadrant?” Lwazanda looked concerned at the thought of her daughter being so far away.

Nodding Dev smiled and opened her arms to embrace her mother. “But I’ll be back as soon as I’m able.”

“You’d better.” Lwazanda pulled her daughter in tight and held her.

Guest Cabin, USS Romanov

Devinona sat quietly in her cabin on the Romanov. She poured over several PADDs with reports about the colony on Iota and correspondence from family, while the Federation News Network played on the compartment's screen.

Dev wasn't really paying attention to the screen, she was too immersed in the PADD she was reading. It was a letter from her sister, Khrysara. Khrys was just about to start studying at Starfleet Academy. It was going to be a huge change for the younger girl, but Devinona was sure that the adjustment would be as smooth as it was for her, even if it took a beat.

Absentmindedly, Lwazanda reached for her ear and tugged at the lobe. She worried about mother having no one left around. With her only sister leaving for the Academy and Dev herself going very far away.

Devinona set down the PADD, and straightened herself in her seat. She took a series of deep breaths, and let her eyes close.

“Lieutenant Ral, we are approaching Starbase 11." Came the CO’s voice over the comm.

“Thank you Captain.” Devinona stood, and moved towards the view port. Through the small window, the station engulfed her field of view and beyond it, the Graviton Catapult. It was a sight to behold.

After several long moments, the Captain’s voice reached Dev again. “Transporter Room two is standing by for you Lieutenant.”

“Understood.” Dev said, turning to grab her PADDs and her bags.


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