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Let There Be Light... and Shelter.

Posted on Sat Mar 18th, 2023 @ 7:24pm by Captain Nimeeh Vixil & Commander Nikolas Barakos & Lieutenant Commander Carson Fleming III & Lieutenant Cyrus Halsey & Lieutenant Devinona Ral Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed & Lieutenant Kaira Chandraskata

Mission: USS Tyche

Nim was torn. It felt like the day had ebbed slowly, sapping strength from them as they forced themselves to keep moving, to keep doing, to keep going... but at the same time it also felt like it had been moments since they had first emerged from the wreckage of the ship, broken and bruised, but alive.

Now, with the sun sinking slowly toward the horizon and the threat of loss of light approaching, Nim felt the need to repurpose some of the able bodied survivors.

"We need to do something about shelter and light." There was a moment as she rubbed her hand around the scar on her wrist. "I know we still have people inside the ship that need to be helped, but we need to make sure those we have out here are safe as well."

Devinona nodded, "If we can get enough people for two teams, we can search for shelter and collect firewood." Dev knew she didn't really have a place in their established command structure, but times like these called for everyone to step up.

"I can help with the search for shelter." Kaira spoke up, folding the tricorder she'd kept open in her right hand. She'd gotten assistance from a helpful ensign to bind her left arm to her side rather than swing around in the sling. Survival was the goal and this was a potentially hostile environment, "I've got a bearing on a water source over there, "She pointed to with two fingers a few degrees off from due magnetic south, "I don't know yet if it's freshwater or not or if it's even safe, but that might be a good place to start."

Cyrus sat on the ground with his knees pulled up to his chest, while staring at the ground. The adrenaline from the accident had completely worn off, and as it lessened the pain in his head increased. If there were any contents left in his stomach, they would have evacuated themselves long ago. His frustration at not being able to help, or the ability to get back inside to try to find his fiancée continued to build below the surface like a volcano. Sadly all it would take was the wrong person at the wrong time to receive the explosion of penned up frustration and anxiety.

"Shelter and light will also be crucical for the medical area," Carson piped up. His clothing was a mixture of dirt and debries marks, with also a mixture of fluid stains of his and others. He leaned heavier on his cane than normal. "Many were good about bringing us any and all supplies they could find on their way out, but I am worried my more critical patients will not fare well depending how the weather turns on this planet."

Cyrus butted in to the conversation going on around him, "Yeah something needs to be done," he said sharply, upset that he was practically useless. "We need to narrow down what we're doing to a few categories, Shelter, Security, Supplies. Shelter for the injured, obviously some sort of security patrol because we have no idea what kind of wildlife is around here, and supplies for the injured." He pinched the bridge of the nose as the pounding in his head continued.

Nim looked around as the conversation escalated around her. She heard the words, understood what was being said, but everything was starting to feel overwhelming in her mind. It was the sharpness of Cyrus' tone that made her finally respond.

"Kaira, take Lieutenant Ral and see if the water source is viable. I don't want anyone going out of sight alone under any circumstances." After issuing the first order, Nim turned toward Barakos. "We can't send people back into the ship with any degree of safety. We need some easily accessible target points we can get to with minimal risk to get supplies and weapons. What about one of the cargo bays?"

“Yes ma’am.” Kaira nodded, looking over to Devinona and tossing her head towards the tree line, “”I’ll let you hold onto the phaser, don’t want to bang up this broken wing any more than we have to. We’ll also see if there’s anything to these plants and all as well.”

Hesitating slightly, Dev took the weapon and checked the safety settings.

Nim gave them both a quick nod before turned back to Cyrus. "How familiar are you with the layout of the Tyche?" she asked cautiously. "What locations are we likely to be able to most easily access for things like emergency medical kits, ration packs, phasers and such?"

"I know where the armories are, but I haven't been allowed back into the ship. If someone goes with me, I can help them get there, but with my concussion I'm still a bit woozy," Cyrus replied.

Nim shook her head vehemently. "No, armories are too far in the ship, the risk is too high. We need easy access places." She looked toward Barakos and then turned back to Cyrus. "Go with Commander Barakos, scout the perimeter of the ship and see what access points we have. Notate deck and section. We'll work out from there what we can access. I'll help Commander Fleming with triage."

"Understood," Cyrus said before mumbling under his breath "who died and made her boss?" His plan was to get into the ship one way or another and try to get to the forward area where the yeoman usually were. Unfortunately there wasn't an ormory or weapons storage there, and it was one of the most damaged areas of the ship.

The words, though quietly mumbled, were heard by Nim as if they had been roared into the wind. She spun on her heel, fuelled by white hot rage. "What did you just say Lieutenant?" she asked coldly, her anger clearly audible in her tone. "What the hell did you just say?" She repeated as she approached him. "Who died and made me boss?" Each time she spoke her voice became louder, her anger clearer. "Sara... that's who. Remember her? Your Commanding Officer! My friend! She's the one that damn well died and made me your boss!"

"Well good riddance," Cyrus shouted back, "It's her fault we're in this mess. My fiancée is probably buried in the ship because she was where she was supposed to be doing her duty," as he shouted the roaring increased in his ears with the rise in blood pressure making his pound worse. "You get one chance Captain," he said sourly nearly spitting out the word, "I'm going to try to secure the area so the engineers can continue to try to rescue the trapped crew, are you stopping me, maam?"

A white hot rage coursed through Nim's veins, flooding her senses with an anger stronger than anything she had ever felt in her life.

It happened in half a heartbeat, before anyone could react or intervene. Her hand had reached out, delivering a stinging blow to the side of his face. "HOW DARE YOU?!" she screamed, raw emotion flooding through her. "Who the hell do you think you are to speak about her like that?"

Cyrus felt the slap and heard her voice but it sounded like it was underwater and slowly getting farther away, the edges of his sight twinkled then darkened as he felt weightless. Before he could speak his knees buckled and he hit the ground re-opening the wound on his forehead.

From some distance away, Barakos had heard raised voices shouting. He’d immediately left what he was doing to check it out, and by the time he arrived, found Lieutenant Halsey unconscious on the ground.

Some distance away, Barakos had been coordinating with a small group of crewmembers to assess for possible access points to the ship. The sound of raised voices shouting had drawn his attention and, recognizing them, he’d immediately started making his way over. He arrived to find Halsey unconscious on the ground and Vixil standing nearby, visibly upset.

Seeing that someone was already attending to Halsey, Barakos turned his attention to his friend. “Are you okay,” he asked her, “What happened?”

Visibly shaking, Nim turned toward Barakos, her expression leaving no doubt to her anger. "I smacked him," she stated firmly. "And I'll damn well do it again if he speaks to me once more."

Silence for a moment as her words sunk in. It was clear to him that none of them were exactly operating at their best, but this…this had the potential to make things worse. They were still very much in a precarious position and could not afford to exacerbate things with any sort of infighting.

At the risk of potentially becoming a target himself, Barakos knew there would be no resolution until they got to the bottom of whatever this was. He had to press forward. “Why did you smack him,” he asked.

Kaira had watched everything unfold with her jaw dropped, barely believing what she'd seen, it had all happened so fast that she and Devi hadn't left yet, but cleared her throat and stepped forward, "Sir, Lieutenant Halsey... Lost it.... Out of grief." She didn't point out that she was in a similar situation as the tactical officer, with about as much information about Dravid, She turned to Nim and took a couple steps towards her, "We all just need to calm down a bit, it'll all be okay." Her words were more for her friend than for the Second Officer.

The shock of the situation wore off quick for Carson. "You," He said pointing with his cane at the person tending to Halsey. "Grab someone and take him to triage. He obviously is done with this meeting." He then turned to Kaira. "I believe the senior ranking officer gave you an order." He pointed his cane away from everyone. "Shoo," He added with an aged face that had no intention to debate.

Giving one more look to Nim, Kaira nodded, "Yes, sir...." She said quietly, then looked towards Dev again, "All right, let's get going."

Devcinona nodded and followed Kaira's lead.

Carson lastly turned to Barakos. "Commander, I believe she should sit down somewhere quiet for a moment."

"Thank you, doctor," Barakos said, grateful for the man's intervention. It was clear that they were all stressed, himself included, which meant none of them were operating at peak form. As he watched the others disperse, he could see in their body language that emotions were still running high. And he could feel his own within himself, too.

He waited until they dispersed, then turned back to his friend. "Captain," he said, reaching out gently to put a hand on her shoulder, "Nim..." At first, she didn't even seem to register what was happening. But then her eyes shifted and she made eye contact with him. He looked at her a moment, then motioned toward a spot a short distance away. "Why don't we go for a little walk?"

The realisation of what she'd done made her face pale even more, her trill spots standing out starkly. "You've been given orders, make it happen," Nim stated firmly before turning to Barakos, nodding slightly. "I think that's a good idea," she said quietly.


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