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Friends in Low Places

Posted on Wed Aug 3rd, 2022 @ 2:37am by Lieutenant Cyrus Halsey & Lieutenant Commander Vic Hebron

Mission: Looking Forward, Looking Back
Location: USS Tyche- 10 Forward

Get reassigned, check. Move in to room, check. Meet with new XO, who used to be your soulmate that you left out of no where and now she hates you to your core, check. Only thing left to do today was to get so loaded he could sleep tonight. As he made his way in to the empty 10-Forward he found a table with some stools. After moving two stools together he had a a seat. One of the bar servers came by and Vic ordered one of the hardest fruit liquors that they had on his planet. He was wore out and if he was getting buzzed enough to sleep he didn't want to waste any time.

CJ had a busy week, say goodbye to his parents, travel to his new ship, get settled in, and prepare to leave. Somewhere in there he had to work on emptying the bottle of moonshine his father had made for him, using the old family recipe. He carried the bottle to 10-Forward and found a table in the corner. He was out of his uniform and in his civilian clothes. CJ poured himself a glass and looked around the bar, seeing an officer sitting alone he waved, "You wanna help me empty this bottle?"

Vic looked around the lounge and saw he was the only other one so he directed his attention to the voice. "I would love to but not sure I will fit in the corner. But you are free to join me and I can give you some help."

CJ realized that the bigger man was right, he wouldn't fit in here, "I'll join ya," he said as he moved to a spot at the bar and set the bottle between them. After a quick swallow he introduced himself, "I'm CJ the tactical officer."

Vic grabbed the jar and took a nice pull off of it. "Vic, I am the new Chief of Security.". He said examining the jar. "What flavor is that?"

"Homemade stuff, we call it Moonshine, or White Lightning, Mountain Dew. It's not much on flavor but It'll get you drunk quick, and it works great as a cleaning solution, Vic. I can' tell you how many times it took nasty stains off of equipment turned in after a nasty away mission," CJ explained.

Vic gave the first laugh he had since coming onboard. "I might need some after away missions if I get some Klingon blood on my uniform.". He almost snorted at his response.

CJ laughed as he poured Vic a glass then lifted his in a toast, "Here's to away missions not involving Klingons or Romulans."

"Are you trying to jinx us?". Vic looked sideways at him. "That's like say using the catapult is extremely safe and no chance things could go wrong yeeting us in to the Delta. We all hope for those things you just don't say them out loud."

"It's been tested by engineers, and other ships have been trough already like the Pennsylvania. I'm not worried about the catapult, I'm more worried about finding some new holodeck training programs. Have you done the Pass of Thermopylae yet? Excellent workout and ground tactics. Anyhow I digress, I'm not afraid of Klingons or catapults just boredom," he said before swallowing his drink. "I'm gonna move along, I have a date to go see, see ya round," he said before leaving.


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